Inner Ear

Inner Ear is an independent record and music production label initiated by two brothers and jazz-musicians from Bodø, Northern-Norway.

Trumpeter, arranger, composer, conductor and educator Tore Johansen (b.1977) and drummer, song-writer, producer and teacher Roger Johansen (b.1972). Tore lives in Oslo, the capitol of Norway and Roger lives in Bodø, in the north.

So why start Inner Ear?

Both Tore and Roger had recorded exclusively for Bjørn Petersen and his Gemini/Taurus label, but when Bjørn in 2006 signalized that he wanted to retire and build down/reduce his activities with his label, we soon realized, that an era in our lives was about to come to an end. Our respect for Bjørn and what he has done for us through the years gave us no desire for working with other companies.

We both concluded with the same: We had to face the jazz world on our own from the fall of 2007. Inner Ear was born. The name Inner Ear comes from the fact that all projects, with no exceptions, has its birth in our own heads and minds before materializing in tours, concerts or record releases. So, we’ve heard the music in our heads before we play it, by the inner ears of our. So easy, and so complicated.